Investment Portfolio

I currently manage an AUM of 300k+ with funds from family & friends which are split into 3 accounts

Last updated: 26-Aug-2015

Family Retirement Account
Description: Ensuring my parents have a nest egg to retire on
AUM: 160k
Mandate: Blue chips + bonds
Performance: +2% above the STI

Equity Valuation Account
Description: Invests in undervalued equities using a proprietary equity screen
AUM: 100k
Mandate: Undervalued equities in Singapore, US, HK
Performance: +14%

Structured Account
Description: Funded by debt and invests in bonds, reits, pref shares to capture the spread
AUM: 70k
Mandate: Bonds, Reits, preference shares
Performance: +2%


  1. Wow! Looks like you are operating a mini family office here. Good job! :)

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