Tuesday, 25 August 2015

First post!: My investing journey

Hello world, just started this blog after my previous one was forced to close as i took on a sales & trading gig at a big bank, but now the gig has ended I can start a new blog again! Whoopie.

A little bit on my investing journey, I started in 2010 with the green light from my parents to invest for them... and promptly lost my pants because I was a noob investor.

Luckily, Ben Bernanke was on hand to bail me out (QE1,2,3 anyone?) and I managed to recoup all my losses and more. Ever since I made sure I didn't anyhow invest.

My investment experience has taught me that before purchasing a stock, its essential to basically know what you are buying and why you are buying. If you can't fulfill these two simple criterias, then I would say that you anyhow invest. 

I refined my investment philosophy and methods to ensure I myself know why the hell I'm putting $10,000 of my hard-earned money into a stock and so far have been generating 10%+ returns on various stock picks.

This requires looking at screens, slogging over reports, crunching numbers and basically a whole pile of 'why am i doing this and not partying like a 24 year old' work, but like I said, if you spend more time deciding whether to buy a $30 t-shirt than chucking $5,000 into a random stock, you got serious issues yo. (Why do you need a $30 t-shirt anyway??)

And so with this blog I hope to guide new investors into this new world of markets, to teach people the steps to take before investing and hopefully they don't anyhow lah


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